Photo Trips

Looking for new places to photograph? 

Stunning Sunrises

Exotic Landscapes

Rich Marine Life

Unique Plants and Animals

Amazing Sunsets

Star Filled Night Skies

Baja California has it all. If you are looking for an adventure to write about for your blog, looking to discover a new exotic location for a photo shoot, or want to get out on the water and capture some magnificent marine life I can help you. Whether its that 4 AM dawn patrol for capturing stunning sunrises, searching for whales or orcas via Panga, exploring the rugged landscape for that unique place for your shoot or even that midnight search for a place for some great night photography the needs of a photographer or travel blogger are different than the needs of our vacation clientele. As an avid photographer I am happy to help design a trip that caters to your creative needs and and happy to do whatever it takes to help you capture the shot you are looking for.