Wine With My Massage? Yes, Please!!


Running a tour company that takes people down into Baja California means I’m always on the lookout for new places and services to offer my clients. When I’m not on a trip with clients or working as a photographer up in Los Angeles, I’m generally down in Baja, California scouting for new ideas. This week I struck gold when I discovered Quinta Monasterio. This place perfectly blends the wine tasting experience with a selection of luxurious spa packages. Sure, you could go visit just to taste the great wine, but why short change yourself? 

As we arrived for the experience (Scouting for all of you does have its benefits) I couldn’t help but immediately get a good feeling as I entered the property. The quaint location nestled up against the hillside was so beautifully landscaped. The architecture struck a balance between more historical looking stone and mortar buildings for the winery and main tasting room while new light-impact modern design was used for the Spa building itself. 

We were shown to the elegant changing room which connects to a spacious bathroom and cozy sauna. Inside the sauna awaited an herbal detox tea prepared for us. After enjoying the tea and effects of the sauna we were shown to our seats on the second story terrace which overlooks the vineyard. There are multiple traditional spa packages services from facials to body massages offered at this location, but of course, being at a winery has the added benefit of food and wine being available as well.

Now, normally I’m all about the body massage on the table, but my colleague convinced me to try the hands and feet massage for a change. I’ll admit, while I agreed, I did so with some reservation. Was I ever pleasantly surprised! I have to say that receiving a massage outside while feeling the warmth of the sun, the cool breeze, and listening to the birds was one of the most relaxing experiences I have had in a while.

As I mentioned, all of the packages include a delicious organic salad and a glass of wine, normally served after the experience, however, one of the benefits of this type of massage vs the full body on the massage table is that you can opt to have your wine served while you’re receiving your massage. That was the icing on the cake and definitely made this experience one I will not soon forget and one I will be sharing with all of my clients. 

If you’re heading down to Valle de Guadelupe make sure you consider stopping at Quinta Monasterio. 

You can look up the packages on their website and book ahead of time either through me or directly with them. You’re going to love it.


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